In the early stages of Covid-19 it became clear that we didn’t know all the facts. 3 weeks ago no one could imagine what the world shut down would look like. Most people couldn’t fathom canceled school, church, gyms, and most work spaces. The reality is nothing could have prepared us for the gripping affects of the coronavirus. In the beginning most people though that this contagious virus was plaguing the elderly community but just in few short weeks, we learned that covid-19 doesn’t discriminate. There’s no age, race, gender or religion that this virus respects. And as we’ve learned more details, daily they change. What we currently know, can change in an instant.

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The face of a girl who has recovered from corona! I am finally able to say I feel 100000% times better. I am thankful I had a mild case but it could’ve been worse. STAY INSIDE. There is no medicine, no cure, no vaccine, there is nothing you can do but stay inside. If you have mild symptoms STAY HOME. No need to panic, just stay your ass at home. Thank you to everyone that reached out words can’t express how much I appreciated it and how much it helped. We will get through this but it needs to be taken seriously.💖 • • P.S special shout out to Joe Exotic. You really helped me get through this. Joe Exotic for president. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #coronasurvivor #coronasurvivors #corona #coronamemes #coronarender #coronarenderer #coronatime #isurvivedcoronavirus2020 #positivity

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Leah Henry got a chance to talk to a 24 year old woman ,named Aliza that has been battling the coronavirus.  While she has a mild case, she stresses that after making a complete 180, she’s technically still tests positive after 3 weeks and a loss of majority of her symptoms. Listen to hear Aliza’s story and what she wants people to know about her experience with covid-19.       

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