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1. If He Loses, Donald Trump Won’t Give Up Without a Fight

What You Need To Know:

It wasn’t the first time and it won’t likely be the last. In a Wednesday news briefing, Donald Trump was asked by a reporter if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power “win, lose or draw” to Joe Biden.


2. Officials Plead For Calm Amid Anger Over Breonna Taylor Case

What You Need To Know:

One man has been arrested in the wounding of two Louisville, Kentucky police officers.

3. Coronavirus Update: Another 870,000 Americans File for Unemployment, Signaling A Weakening Recovery

What You Need To Know:

Six months into the coronavirus crisis, hard-hit Americans are continuing to struggle to make ends meet.

4. Study Finds Racism Has Cost the U.S. Trillions of Dollars in Lost Wealth

What You Need To Know:

According to a Citigroup study to evaluate the real costs of discrimination, the effects of systemic racism have hurt the bottom line of the U.S., with losses of $16 trillion over the past 20 years.

5. Are Seasoned Fashionistas The Next Billion Dollar Industry Boom?

What You Need To Know:

Fashion’s hottest new demographic is none other than your grandparents and their ever-evolving sense of style.

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