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As life in general is gearing close to “normal” many COVID-19 adjustments will continue to be a part of our lives. With the CDC announcing that people who have been vaccinated do not have to wear masks in public places, there are still school districts and businesses that require them. Along with those who just aren’t ready to let their face coverings go, many will keep their masks strapped to them throughout this season.

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Now, a year from our first summer inside the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many types of masks to chooses from. Just like our clothing, heat reacts to materials differently. We’re hoping that the list below on how to wear your mask in the heat, will help you feel more comfortable wearing your mask this summer…

1. The Material Matters: Choosing the right fabric can make a big difference

  • Polyester masks trap heat so you want to stay away from them during the summer but masks made from 100% cotton are more breathable.

2. Wash Your Mask

  • Keeping your mask clean is an important part of maintaining effectiveness, especially in hot weather. According to the CDC, reusable cloth masks should be washed after every wear. Other types of materials may have different cleaning requirements.

3. Always Have A Back-up

  • Sweaty masks can compromise the effectiveness of the mask and makes them uncomfortable to wear. They can also irritate sensitive skin. If you are someone who naturally sweats a lot or are exercising or are outside on a very hot day this summer, you should always have an extra mask on hand to switch with your damp one.

4. Stay Hydrated

  • Drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated while wearing your masks. This is a great way to avoid feeling overheated.

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