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WASHINGTON – The Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Metro Station in Northeast is already among the top 10 most dangerous stations in the region. Authorities now say a recent rash of violence is proving why.

Metro Transit Police says at least 17 assaults and robberies have been reported there this year. “I believe it’s number 8 currently,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Delinski of Metro Transit Police.

“It’s enough to give me a little pause and I’ll be a little bit more careful,” said Jackie Cole-Miles, a Metro rider

Eight attacks alone have occurred since early July and authorities believe some are going unreported. One day laborer tell ABC 7 News, “The thieves first asked for [$5]. I didn’t have it, then they attacked.”

Although he’s afraid of being recognized on TV, Carlos as he’s known, says he was recently assaulted by a group of men. “They robbed me. One guy held me down and covered my eyes with his arms, while two others went though my pockets. They took my cell phone and wallet,” he said.

Carlos also says a number of his friends have been attacked in the past few months. Police are now fighting back with a new technique.

“We have officers in plain clothes out there observing the activity that’s going and and actually posing as decoys and often times actually being robbed themselves,” said Delinski.

Those who congregate looking for work outside the station believe they are targeted because they tend to carry a lot of cash and the criminals know most of the men won’t run to the police.

This pedestrian tunnel appears to be the trouble spot. The dark, long fenced-in walkway is already quite uninviting to some Metro riders.

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