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Bodega Milkcrate

Source: @Bodega / Inastagram

As painful as they’ve been to watch, the milkcrate challenge has produced gut-wrenching and face-scrunching comedy and because of that has taken social media by storm.


Now it seems like the Boston-based brand and retailer Bodega has gotten some milkcrates of their own and it’s not only branded with their “Bodega” logo, but also the Nike emblem. Wait, Nike getting in on this?! Maybe that’s why they gave their offices worldwide the day off because they know this could go horribly bad.

We’re not sure if Bodega’s going to be holding their own milkcrate challenge as a means of giving customers a chance to get a pair of sneakers, but best believe if the kicks in question are some Jordans or Yeezy’s, heads will be accepting the challenge just to own a pair of those grails. Now if it’s a pair of Puma’s or Reeboks, they might think twice about hot stepping up to that plate. Just sayin.’

But Bodega isn’t the only spot with their own custom milkcrates as HIDDEN.NY also unveiled their personally branded plastic bins, but they too aren’t saying what they’re for or if it’s part of a challenge.

At the end of the day we just hope if these spots do choose to hold some kind of competition for their products they film it and put it online because we can’t get enough of these milk crate challenge fails. Compete safely, y’all.


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