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Fox News, aka Republican OnlyKlans, is using its subscription-based streaming service, Fox Nation, to renew “back the blue” America’s favorite pro-law enforcement, anti-common decency program, Cops, which Paramount canceled last year amid the murder of George Floyd and the national spotlight on systemic racism in policing.

That’s right, the cop-a-ganda show that, long before Will and Martin, made “bad boys” a household name by exploiting civilians at their lowest point for the entertainment of people who dry-hump Confederate monuments and get seasonless chicken juice all over their “Free Kyle Rittenhouse” t-shirts is making a come-back with a reboot-licker series that no compassionate person asked for.

According to NPR, Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, called the show “one of the most iconic brands on television with an incredibly passionate fan base” in a Monday announcement of the program’s Oct. 1, return.  (Ah yes, that “passionate fan base.” Who knew fawning over the badge could be done with such zeal?)

Klanman…I mean, Klarman (sorry, but it was right there) went on to say that Fox Nation would be gifting first responders with a free subscription to its streaming service in order to “give back in a small way to those who place their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.”

Clearly, Klarman is not talking about all the police officers who patrol Black communities with a shoot first, say, “I was in fear for my life” later mentality.

As much as I would rather the show stay buried along with its fellow blue lives flatter series, Live PD, at least it will only be viewed only by the right-winger MAGA types who would pay for a subscription to Fox Nation. Basically, the only people who will be spending their coins on this are the ones who are already loyal backers of their boys in blue.

On a side note, the former host of Live PD is actually campaigning to get his old show back on the air. God, these people sure do love their po-po-porn.

The decision to renew “Cops” comes as police continue to resort to lethal violence as a primary option during encounters with Black people suspected of doing far less than white criminal suspects who routinely end up being arrested alive to have their days in court.

This is America.


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