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With the Rona‘s Omicron variant raging out of control once again and infecting everyone across the globe, things have gotten crazier as now LA has reported its first case of the Flurona, a person carrying both influenza and coronavirus at the same time.


According to CBSNLA, the case was stumbled upon at a COVID-19 testing center across the street from the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. Though not much is known about the person carrying the virus, the report states that it was a teenager who had mild symptoms and had just returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas with his family. Luckily he was the only one in his family to test positive for both viruses while one of his parents tested positive for Covid.

“CBSLA’s Joy Benedict spoke to Dr. Otto Yang, an infectious disease expert for UCLA Health, on Wednesday who said he has seen several cases of people with both influenza and coronavirus in the hospital currently.”

“If it’s a bad virus season and a lot of virus is circulating, it’s not unusual to be exposed to more than one because they all travel the same,” Dr. Yang said.”

With the way The Rona is spreading these days it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Luckily the Omicron variant isn’t as deadly as it’s predecessors but it’s much more contagious and easy to pass on. The first cases of the flurona were detected in Isreal and eventually Florida and Texas (of course). Though it won’t be the last case to be detected, doctors say the flurona shouldn’t be a cause of concern but rather a reminder that people mask up and do what they can to avoid getting sick while out in public.

“Dr. Yang also said that if a person is not severely ill, it’s probably best to not try and go get tested, and added that those who are vaccinated are likely to have symptoms that are manageable at home, regardless of which virus you might have.”

“Right now, the emergency rooms are clogged up. There’s a shortage of tests, and so if you’re risk factors are low for severe disease, it’s better to just stay home and recuperate,” said Dr. Yang.”

Stay safe out there, y’all.

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