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Unfortunately, we live in a world that is just chock-full of terrible human beings. And it’s even more unfortunate that some of those terrible human beings will become judges—meaning they’ll be terrible people in a position to pass judgment on the terribleness or non-terribleness of others.

Meet 31st District Judge Alexis G. Krot of Michigan. Krot is a terrible person.

If it came out that Krot has a morning workout routine that includes jumping up and down on a pile of puppies, it wouldn’t be all that surprising. Krot is the type of person who’s drawing from personal experience when she says, “It’s like taking candy from a baby.” (She probably takes it and eats it right in front of them after pretending to give it back and snatching it away a few dozen more times.) If Krot bathes at all, she probably does it in the natural oils of endangered animals.

And Krot is a judger of other people in a court of law.

According to the Washington Post, 72-year-old Burhan Chowdhury of Hamtramck, Michigan, appeared in a virtual state court hearing via Zoom on Monday to answer for what Krot described as a failure “to keep the fence, walkway, sidewalk or alley free of trees, leaves” in front of his home. Chowdhury said that “neighbors probably complained and took the picture that was sent to the city.”

See, already this story reeks of Karen shenanigans. It appears that neighbors who could have simply helped an elderly man keep his front yard in order—or, at the very least, minded their own damn business about it—opted instead to snitch on the man and even went as far as to take pictures of his unkempt yard to send to law enforcement.

But Krot is still the biggest Karen of them all. She’s an especially cruel breed of Karen—the type who probably takes delight in dropping Monopoly money in the buckets of homeless people before calling the cops to have them removed.

Chowdhury’s son, Shibbir Chowdhury, who said he usually helps keep his father’s home together but he traveled to Bangladesh, where the family is from, for three months last year, told the Post that his father was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes in February 2019.

In fact, in the Zoom video, Chowdhury is heard struggling to breathe as he attempted to explain to Krot that he was “very weak” and is unable to keep the yard neat on his own due to his sickness.

So how does Krot respond to a septuagenarian who is visibly weak and struggling to explain to her that he’s a whole cancer patient? Well, just like the type of person who probably sits in front of weight loss centers stuffing her face with a full bucket of KFC, she proceeded to berate Chowdhury mercilessly.

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Krot said to Chowdhury. “If I could give you jail time on this, I would.”

At this point, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that Chowdhury is a brown man with a heavy South Asian accent (which, to white people, just basically defaults to Arab coming from a melanated person) and Krot looks like literally every white woman you’ve ever seen humping a Trump poster at a MAGA rally. But don’t worry, I’m sure her being mean AF to an unwell senior citizen she would put in jail for non-criminal reasons had nothing to do with all that.

Krot went on to call the grass growing wildly on his walkways “totally inappropriate,” and when Chowdhury tried to reiterate that he is “very sick,” she continued to be unmoved and say that the state of his yard was inexcusable.

“The neighbors should not have to look at that,” she said, adding, again, that “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Has there ever been a clearer picture of a certified Karen than a white woman who has more empathy for neighbors who have to look at messy yards than she does for a man who is over 70 and suffering from cancer?

I mean, at one point, Krot even put the photo of Chowdhury’s home up on the screen so that she could further illustrate her disgust and continue to ridicule him. After she issued Chowdhury a $100 fine and told him, “You have got to get that cleaned up,” Shibbir chimed in to ask her if she even heard his father tell her he was sick and weak, to which she responded by shouting “Have you seen that photo?”

Shibbir told the Post that he would be paying the fine and that his father’s home is currently in good shape.

Meanwhile, Krot is still a terrible, despicable and miserable excuse for a human being.

May she Krot in hell.


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