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For people who seem to champion themselves as the fiercest warriors against “cancel culture,” white conservatives sure do love rallying to “cancel” things. Of course, what they and others call “cancel culture” is typically just people on social media voicing their opinions on a problematic-at-best celebrity or person in a position of power and it almost never ends in any real “canceling.” Meanwhile, the targets of conservative “cancel culture” are Black history, critical race theory they can’t even define and generally anything that causes white people even the slightest bit of discomfort. And their “cancel culture” tends to lead to actual legislation being drafted in support of their collective fragility.

NBC News recently published a list of 50 books Texas parents want banned from school libraries. We’ll get into a few of the books on the list—which, by the way, is just the newest addition to the much longer list of books Texan legislators have prosed “canceling”—starting with one of the most ridiculous complaints and one that serves as an indication of what the righty-whites really want—a ban on anything that opposes their views.

This white lady really wants to ban a Michelle Obama book because it depicts Donald Trump as a bully.

That’s right, No. 22 on NBC’s list is Michelle Obama: Political Icon, a biography of the former first lady written by Heather E. Schwartz. A mother from Karen…sorry, I mean Katy, Texas, reportedly requested that this book, which is described as a “children’s biography,” be banned at every grade level because it “unfairly” makes Trump out to be a bully.

Whaaaaaah? Trump a bully? Rubbish, amirite? It’s not as if Trump was insulting his female opponent’s looks on the campaign trail in 2015, or making remarks about the menstrual cycles of women who dared to criticize him, or continuously calling women things like “horse face,” “crazy” and “low IQ, or mocking a disabled person; or spending Barack Obama‘s entire presidency making baseless and racist “birther” claims.


According to NBC, the mother also wanted the book banned because Michelle’s reflections on her own experiences with race gave the impression that “if you sound like a white girl you should be ashamed of yourself.” Basically, Black people can’t even talk about our experiences with being told we “sound white” without white people making it all about them.

Anyway, other books on the Texans-for-white-butthurt ban list include When Wilma Rudolph Played Basketball, a book by Mark Weakland that NBC described as an “illustrated children’s book, which touches on the racism that Olympian Wilma Rudolph experienced growing up in Tennessee in the 1940s.” Apparently, a Prosper, Texas, parent wants it banned because “it opines prejudice based on race.”

It sounds like this parent is just another Caucasian who is more offended by talking about racism than the fact that racism happened.

Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes is another book the “I heart censorship but also stop censoring me” committee wants banned.

“According to a Houston parent, reading this novel about a Black boy killed by police might cause white children who attend the Spring Branch Independent School District to ‘feel ashamed based on color of their skin,’” NBC reported. Why would white children feel ashamed of being white because of a cop shooting they had nothing to do with? This parent is essentially saying any and all stories about factual racism need to be banned for the sake of white pride. (Which is essentially what the entire CRT war is about.)

Next up is Ground Zero: A Novel of 9/11 by Alan Gratz.

You might be thinking: “Wait a minute, why would a conservative parent want a book on 9/11 banned?”

Well, you should know by now that conservatives really only want that story told in a way that presents America as the heroic victim and (insert any random Muslim nation here) as the villain. But Gratz’s book is one that “tells the story of 9/11 and its aftermath from the dueling perspectives of an American boy and an Afghan girl,” according to NBC. The parent wants it banned because it “depicts American soldiers as callous, evil and terrorists” and because Gratz made it a point to mention the racial or ethnic identities of every character.

In other words, don’t mention race or ethnicities…unless they’re Muslim. And don’t depict anyone as evil terrorists…unless they’re Muslim.

Anyway, you all can check out the rest of the list for yourselves, or just trust that the complaints about them are equally ridiculous and mired in white fragility.

The point is, white conservatives love “cancel culture” so much they’re literally trying to cancel entire cultures.


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