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Bronx rapper C Blu

Source: @cblu_180 / Instagram

This past January, New York Drill rapper C Blu got into a scuffle with police that ended up with a cop being shot and Blu getting fitted for iron bracelets.


While on the surface it seems like an open and shut case of assaulting an officer, a Bronx judge has a problem with how things unfolded and slammed a New York City police officer for offering a half-assed explanation of why Camrin “C Blu” Williams was even singled out to be searched. According to the New York Daily News, Bronx Judge Naita Semaj acknowledged that while the 16-year-old was in possession of a gun, Bronx Officer Taulant Gjonbalaj and his colleagues had no reason to have approached Williams and offered “incredible and unreliable” testimony that “had no value” pertaining to the incident.

“There was absolutely zero reason for any of those officers to approach this individual. They approached him, they detained him, they searched him, and no officer even bothered to come up with a halfway legitimate reason for any of that,” Semaj said, making an emotional ruling in Bronx Supreme Court Tuesday.

The cops on the case tried to justify singling out Blu by saying he was part of a “disorderly crowd” and that he “refused police orders to take his hands out of his pockets, leading to a scrap between him and an officer.”

During the scuffle, Willaims discharged his gun which ended up hitting his own leg before it hit Officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg as well. Both men ended up hospitalized but have since recovered.

Unfortunately for police, the video footage counters their claim that he wasn’t cooperating with police and the judge not only held the officers to account for initiating the entire ordeal, but for also illegally searching him.

“While there is no disputing the fact that Mr. Williams had a gun on him that night… He literally does everything you tell your child to do when they’re approached by cops. He literally kept his hands up. He literally tried to record to make sure there was proof. He answered questions he had no obligation to answer,” Semaj said.

No wonder police hate body cameras. Prevents them from coming up with BS to cover their asses, allegedly.

Because of the incident, C Blu was charged as an adult with criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree assault and other weapons charges. He’s pleaded not guilty. Luckily for him, Judge Semaj ruled that Williams should be tried as a juvenile and not as an adult, which would make any punishments less severe given his age.

The drill rapper with over a million YouTube views has been out on $250K bail since January and is looking forward to his day in court.

“I just want to say I’m innocent,” he told the Daily News.

Bronx Judge Roasts NYPD Cops In Court For “Illegally” Searching & Arresting Drill Rapper C Blu  was originally published on hiphopwired.com