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Avatar: The Way of Water

Source: 20th Century Studios / 20th Century Studios

It’s been damn near 13 years since James Cameron’s Avatar premiered and went on to become the highest grossest movie of all-time and now we’ve gotten our first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated and long-awaited sequel, but are people still interested in the franchise?


Looks like we’ll be finding out just how popular the franchise still is as according to Variety, Avatar: The Way of Water is going to be the second installment to a trilogy with Avatar 3 set to drop in 2024. Even though Avatar 2 is more than a decade removed from the first installment, the original cast is set to return and reprise their CGI roles including Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Sam Worthington as Jake Sully and even Sigourney Weaver in a new role. Luckily fans of the franchise won’t have to wait another full clip for the sequel as Avatar 2 and 3 were shot at the same time with a hint that an Avatar 4 could happen as well.

“We mixed the schedules for ‘2’ and ‘3’ together, based on the types of scenes and the environments,” Cameron said. “I said, let’s just treat it like it’s a six-hour miniseries and we’re only going to go to Frankfurt once. We’re going to shoot all the scenes from ‘2’ and ‘3’ at the same time. That was more or less the motif.”

In the teaser trailer we find Jake Sully and Neytiri continuing to live the life they built for themselves on the planet of Pandora where they take to the ocean while humans continue to mine the land for their own purposes. While we’re not sure what the conflict will be in the film, there is a white dude with dreadlocks that’s down with the Avatar crew so y’all know it’s gotta have something to do with gentrification. Just sayin.’

Check out the trailer to Avatar: The Way of Water below and let us know if you’ll be checking it out when it hits theaters this December 16.

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