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The continent of Africa, the motherland where life began, has received a negative representation for many years. As there are political, environmental and financial struggles in every country, it seems that African counties are always seen as the poorest. As many people around the travel throughout the world, countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa and Morocco are moving to the top of the list of places to visit.

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There’s a big rise in African-Americans taking trips to countries in Africa and their shared experiences through social media and YouTube have encouraged many others to do the same. Despite the efforts of natives and tourists, misinformation about Africa is still out there. Africa Revealed has put together a list of the biggest misconceptions about Africa and facts of why they are wrong, watch below…

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The 10 misconceptions shown in this video are;

  1. Africa Is A Country – Africa is a continent with 54 countries. Think about it, if anyone asks you where you’re from or where you’re going on your next trip, would you say “North America”? No, you would say Canada or Toronto to be more specific so we should do the same when referring to locations in Africa.
  2. Africans Speak African – There isn’t an “African Language,” throughout the continent there are thousands of languages spoken ranging from local to worldly like English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Learn about the languages spoken in each country by clicking here.
  3. Africans Live With Wild Animals – There is an array of wild animals that live in African countries, this doesn’t mean that they walk the streets and co-habitat with Humans like pets. Visiting Safari’s are best way to get a close look at the wild life.
  4. All Africans Live In Huts – Although mud huts are one of the most popular forms of dealing in certain country regions of the continent, each country’s city living is very modern. Apartments and homes with clean running water, electricity and internet are found throughout Africa.
  5. Africa Has A Lack Of Technology – Africa is a continent that is very up to date with technology from around the world. Leading inventors in the tech world reside in countries in Africa bringing new systems to improve the lives all over the continent and world.
  6. Everyone Knows Everyone Else In Africa – This goes back to the point that Africa isn’t one place. There are billions of people in this continent spanning across 54 countries. This would be like someone expecting an American to know everyone and every place in Mexico or Canada.
  7. Africa Is Full Of Corruption, Poverty & War – The continent varies in political systems and come countries have been rated the least corrupt in the world
  8. All African Countries Depend On Aid – Despite Africa being one of the most resourceful continents in the world, there is misinformation that all African countries need aid from others in order to exist.
  9. Africans Share The Same Culture – With the many countries, hundreds of ethnic groups and thousands of languages throughout the continent, there are many cultures and lifestyles as well. Just like within the continent of North America, the Mexican culture is very different from the Canadian culture. Even within America, the Californian lifestyle is not the same as the New York lifestyle so we have to understand this is the same with each country in Africa.
  10. All Africans Are Dark Skinned – There are various hues of Black within each country in Africa. Also with people from other continents throughout the world immigrating to countries in Africa generation after generation, some countries have ties to Asia and the Middle East as well. South Africa is known as the rainbow country for their array of skin tones, white South Africans refer to themselves as Afrikaans. Overall the continent is diverse just like Black people all over the world.

Please share as we want to educate our people of our homeland and stop the spread of incorrect information.

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