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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) — Nearly 6,000 dead and half a million injured; there is carnage on our roads.

At a national summit that just kicked off, experts blamed texting, emailing and web browsing while driving.

But a little more technology may solve the problem caused by all that stuff on your phone.

A company called CellControl is out with a tiny device that attaches to the on-board computer in just about every car built since 1996.

“It has a little bit of logic in there that tells the phone you’re moving, so stop working,” says Leigh Gilly of CellControl.

Download the software to your phone, and it will let you call, text or email if you’re stopped. But start driving, even just around the circle at the 9NEWS NOW station, and CellControl will lock you out.

CellControl is marketing the device to parents and fleet managers and just about anyone who lacks the self control to stay off their phone while driving.

It’s one device that may help you kick the habit before it kills you.

CellControl is just out, and it’s only available for Blackberry right now at a initial cost of about $75 with a subscription fee of $10 a month.

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