Plus, a Connecticut judge refuses to throw out a Sandy Hook gunmaker lawsuit and AMC theaters might let you text during movies.

Taraji P. Henson Says She Was Scared To Play ‘Empire’s’ Cookie Lyon Taraji P. Henson reveals why she was afraid to play Empire’s Cookie Lyon…

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Sexting isn’t only for fresh 20-somethings  and frisky politicians. It’s also popular with regular grown folk — even the the 50-plus set — and married…


We’ve all seen people texting while ordering food, driving, and during other activities that can potentially cause an accident. SEE ALSO: Phoenix-area Man Hits $1…

Maryland has made it illegal to text and drive, but lawmakers discovered some loopholes in their original law. Those gaps will be closed with a new law that will take effect Saturday. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW>>>>

VIA PC MAG: Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has been urging viewers to make their cars a “no phone zone” for weeks now, and she has joined forces with a variety of transportation safety organizations to designate Friday as “No Phone Zone Day.” Winfrey is asking people to sign the “no phone zone” pledge on […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: Metro has fired a bus driver caught texting in a photo taken by a passenger and posted on a local blog. “We took a look at the photo and were able to conduct an investigation,” said Metro spokesman Steve Taubenkibel. “It was determined the driver was violating the policy.” The driver, […]

VIA THE GAZETTE: Prohibition, meet the “textaholic.” Largo-area young and old alike in the habit of clutching their phones while behind the wheel, poised to send a text or update their Facebook or Twitter status at any moment, may still be getting used to a new ban on texting while driving. But many agree the […]

VIA WUSA: WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) — Nearly 6,000 dead and half a million injured; there is carnage on our roads. At a national summit that just kicked off, experts blamed texting, emailing and web browsing while driving. But a little more technology may solve the problem caused by all that stuff on your phone. A […]