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Are The Democrats At Fault For Republican Dysfunction?

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Who’s at fault for the dysfunction with the Republican party inside the House of Representatives? Some GOP party members are blaming the Democrats for the issues that have plagued them including the ouster of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the failures by Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) to replace the former Speaker of the House.


What does Armstrong Williams think about this latest GOP Blunder? Is it the Democrat’s fault?

“No,” says Williams. What?

“There’s such a crisis in Congress. It’s such a is such a bozo show. There’s such chaos and can’t govern, can’t lead.” Williams takes aim at who some members of the GOP want to be the next speaker.

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“They know Jim Jordan can never be speaker of the house, but he’s holding them hostage and then, I don’t know if you listen to some of the recordings by his allies to some of these Republican wives, calling them B’s, intimidating them, threatening them. You can’t just threaten and bully people. These are grown men elected by their constituency, and they’re going to push back. Jim Jordan is doomed.”


Who will become the next Speaker of the House? Armstrong Williams gives Russ Parr his thoughts on Patrick McHenry and more in this week’s “What’s Your Point.”

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