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The Origin of Wealth

Evolution, Complexity, & The Radical Remaking of Economics

by: Eric D. Beinhocker

The questions this book explores- What is wealth? How is it created? How can it be increased.

For most of the readers of this book (like you and I) wealth is measured in dollars, pounds, euros, yen or some other currency. Over 200 years ago, the great economist Adam Smith noted the rich variety of ways that people have measured their wealth throughout history: “In the (earlier) ages of society, cattle are said to have been common instruments of commerce; though they must have been a most inconvenient one…Salt is said to be the common instrument of commerce and exc=hanges in Abyssinia a species of shells in some parts of the coast of India; dried Cod in Newfoundland, tobacco in Virginia, sugar in some of our West India colonies; hides or dressed leather in some other countries.

How can managers grow their companies to provide more jobs and opportunities for people? How can governments grow their economies and address issues of poverty and inequality? How can societies around the world create the resources needed for better education, health care, and other priorities? And, how can the global economy grow in a way that is environmental sustainable. Wealth may not buy happiness, but poverty does buy misery for millions around the world.

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