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Fairfax County police shot and killed a man during a traffic stop along Richmond Highway Friday afternoon.

Joe Williams was in his office building overlooking the highway when he heard gunshots.

“I heard what I believe to be three {shots},” he said.

Police say just after 12:30 p.m., an unidentified officer made a traffic stop on northbound Route 1, between Fort Hunt Road and Huntington Avenue. They are saying little else.

“Sometime during that traffic stop, shots were fired by the police officer,” said Fairfax County police spokesman Ofc. Bud Walker.

Police haven’t said where the man was shot or how many times or why he was pulled over in the first place.

One of the Chevy Blazer’s windows was shattered. The SUV crashed into a small sedan about 300 yards from the traffic stop.

Joe Williams ran to help, but officers motioned him back. He then saw several dogs run from the SUV, and tried to help again.

“The three dogs that I corralled, one of em got me,” Williams said.

When asked why he ran to the sound of gunfire, Williams replied , “I’m a former Army Ranger. “It’s in my DNA.”

Investigators have not identified the man who was fatally shot by police.

The northbound lanes of Route 1 will be closed until 10 p.m. as officers document the scene, officials said.