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What do economics and your marriage have to do with each other beyond figuring out where all your money goes every month? The answer: A lot. Economics is all about the allocation of scarce resources, and the key to a happy marriage is, in many ways, finding smart ways to allocate your own scarce resources—the hours in your day, money in your bank, your sex drive, your patience, or the sheer willpower it takes for you to stay awake a minute past 10 p.m. No surprise that the No.1 reason married couples say they don’t have sex, according to our research: They’re too tired.

In the newly released, Spousonomics: Using Economics To Master Love, Marriage, And Dirty Dishes, authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson apply economic principles to resolve common conflicts in marriage. If marriage is a place to grow and evolve, a place to discover, an opportunity to self-reflect, and a place to learn how to love…is it superficial to suggest using economic principles as the means to resolving conflicts in marriage? Join Wendy Wright this Saturday at 1pm ET for a candid conversation about the realities of marriage. Talk just got interesting!

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