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More than 500 people gathered in Jackson, Mississippi Sunday to denounce the racially motivated killing of an African-American man.

James Craig Anderson, 49, was beaten by a group of white teens, then fatally mowed over with an attacker’s truck in early July.

Surveillance video released this month brought the story to the nation’s attention, and aided in the prosecution of an 18-year-old attacker, Deryl Dedmon, who killed Anderson with his truck.

Attendees of Sunday’s meeting marched from nearby churches to the motel where Anderson was murdered, a local paper reports:

“There is a lot of general appall over what took place here,” said Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., bishop of New Horizons church near the motel where Anderson was attacked. “We wanted to get well-minded people, both black and white, together to do something to support this family and this country. This is not indicative of where Mississippi is today.”

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