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While statistics describe crisis-like conditions concerning the state of the Black family, not everyone is moved by a particular dimension of this categorization. More specifically, not everyone believes in the data that says upwardly mobile Black women can’t find a husband.

Even more troubling are the various solutions offered by authors and scholars on how Black women can find a man. According to their so-called marriage advice, Black women should consider dating outside of their race and some have even asserted that Black women should marry bi-sexual men.

Indeed, much of these articles don’t appear to be genuine yearnings for Black women to open their minds (they shouldn’t be singled out for such anyway); rather, they read as works confirming its creator’s own desperation be it for publicity, profit, or desire to offer some shallow quick-fix to a perceived problem. It’s becoming increasingly pathetic.

The Grio offers a rebuttal on the so-called crisis in defense of Black women.

Read more at the Grio.


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