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While a lot has been made of GOP presidential candidate, Ron Paul’s racist newsletters and connections to racist groups and leaders, it seems as if the media has been ignoring his conspiracy theories.

A video from 1998, put out by the John Birch Society, the group that created the “New World Order” conspiracy theory features Ron Paul warning of a United Nations conspiracy to take away the guns and property of Americans.

The conspiracy theories from Ron Paul’s newsletters also mirror those of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society, through racist undertones, was successful in bringing its conspiracy theories to white supremacist groups and militia groups, including Timothy McVeigh who was fueled by those theories to murder hundreds of people in the Oklahoma City bombing.

The John Birch Society believes in a conspiracy of a Illuminati group dating back to the French Revolution in which secret communist agents and American capitalists join together for a New World Order which would lead to “the destruction of all traditional religions, private property, morality, marriage, existing governments, and the fomenting of world government, “democracy” (leading to anarchy and then totalitarianism), the deification of sexuality, and the state control of children and their education” according to its president, John McManus.

Among the targets of the John Birch Society’s conspiracy theories is the Federal Reserve and the United Nations, both of which are common targets for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has continued to court conspiracy theorists, many of whom are his rabid supporters. Paul addressed the John Birch Society on their 50th anniversary in 2009 and had their President, John McManus speak at his 2008 “Rally For The Republic.” Paul is also a frequent guest on New World Order conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones’ talk show.

When asked about the New World Order, Paul responded

The first President Bush said the New World Order was in tune– and that’s what they were working for. The U.N. is part of that government. They’re working right now very significantly towards a North American Union. That’s why there’s a lot of people in Washington right now who don’t care too much about our borders. They have a philosophical belief that national sovereignty is not important. It’s also the reason I’ve made the very strong suggestion the U.S. need not be in the U.N. for national security reasons.