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Newt Gingrich was wrong (if what Marrianne Gingrich said is true) for asking his former wife for an open marriage and anyone else would be out of their eva-lastin’ minds for evening considering it, writes’s relationship expert Sil Lai Abrams.

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Abrams, a former runway model, says that such arrangements may be praised for their honesty. But, in reality, they truly reflect how poorly the people in these kinds of relationships respect each other.

Abrams recalls her own experiment with open relationships as very unfulfilling :

The only time I’ve been in an “official” open relationship was about a decade ago. At the time I was dating a man who was upfront about the fact he was seeing other people.  I gave it a try for eleven months, but in the end it didn’t matter that I was with him on major holidays.  Try as I might to ‘think like a man’, I couldn’t accept him sleeping with other women and sleeping with me. And while to this day I respect that he was honest about not wanting a monogamous relationship, it was a style of relating that didn’t (and still doesn’t) work for me.

But, does it work for you? How many of you have been in open relationships? (No, not cheating!) I mean officially open relationships where you and your partner OK’d each others’ frolicking with other people. And do you consider “swinging”  and “threesomes”as an open relationship?

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