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Bradley Beal is currently a professional basketball player but he was also one of the top high school players in the country. A new video going wide shows the Washington Wizards star attempting to motivate a group of high school players, and Armchair Athlete Twitter dared to chastise Beal.

Washington area filmmaker Jeff Garvin shared a video on social media of him speaking to a group of young players who apparently blew a lead in the game. Beal, 28, gives the youngsters solid advice on being a team player and playing as one instead of chasing individual glory.

The pushback from some folks online is laughable when you consider Beal’s resume. Beal was a McDonald’s All-American in 2011, First-Team Parade All-American, and was also the Gatorade Player of the Year. During his one year at the University of Florida, Beal was First-Team All-SEC.  Scoring 22 points in the NBA now, Beal tells the kids in the video that scoring isn’t the only way to impact the game. Solid advice from an offensive wizard, no pun intended.

Despite this, the critique Beal faced online is due to being on an NBA team that hasn’t won a championship since 1978 and last won a division title in 2017. That said, few people make it from high school to the pros in all levels of sports so it’s fair to say Beal knows what’s up.

Beal is often the topic of frequent trade talks and almost any team in the NBA in need of a big-time scorer would love to have him on their squad. All signs point to Beal re-signing with Washington, and he’s still very much in his prime. Based on the video below, Beal has a future as a man on the sidelines helping guide players.

Salute to Bradley Beal for his service to the game. It can be assumed that Beal was speaking to his Brad Beal Elite AAU team in the clip.

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