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Now that marijuana is finally being legalized in numerous states across the U.S., the legal marijuana business is booming. Naturally the business is mostly occupied by white business men looking to make coin off the culture, but there are some Black and Brown-owned brands that got that piff and we’re here to shine some light on them.


Of course we already know about Jay-Z’s Monogram brand and former NBA star, Al Harrington’s Viola strain, but there are other celebrity and minority owned joints that we should be supporting. From Jaleel White’s recently launched Purple Urkle to Mike Tyson’s Tyson Ranch, celebrities and everyday people like Todd Thomas are getting into the legal marijuana game and catering to the community.

We’ve compiled 10 celebrity and minority owned Cannabis brands that we feel you should know about and support if given the chance.

Take a look at our list below and let us know which brands you think should get some more attention in the comments section.

Wiz Khalifa

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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1. Monogram


Y’all knew it was only a matter of time before Jay-Z got into the legal weed game. Though he’s not known for partaking in the ganja leaf, y’all know he’s not gonna put trash out on these streets.

2. Blaqstar Farms

Blaqstar Farms

This L.A. based brand cultivates chronic in smaller than usual crops to ensure it’s strains aren’t just of the highest quality, but chemical free as well. Props. Bet y’all thought Mos Def and Talib Kweli were somehow involved in this, didn’t ya?

3. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle

That’s right! You’re favorite 90’s nerd is out here smokin’ and bubbling Buddah. Must be the Stefan Urquelle side of him that pushed him to get in the game. That logo go kinda hard too.

4. Viola


Founded by former NBA player Al Harrington, Viola offers extracts, vapes, and flowers for anyone looking to get into the air up there. Interestingly enough, Harrington named his brand after his grandmother who used medical marijuana to treat her glaucoma. 

5. James Henry SF

James Henry SF

A working duo out of San Francisco, James Henry SF actually work with medical doctors to develop formulas to get the best and cleanest chronic they can cultivate.

6. Trees By The Game

Trees By The Game

Talk about a promise kept. Chuck Taylor promised everyone he’d get us “Higher” on his first single off his classic debut album, The Documentary. The man even had a strain named after LeBron James.

7. Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch

The Champ’s boxing days may be behind him, but the man is still trying to knock heads out in a different way. If his strains are anywhere near as potent as his punches, buyer beware.

8. SF Roots

SF Roots
Founded in San Francisco, SF Roots is one of the city’ first Social Equity companies and are dedicated to creating quality product that properly represents the culture they want to preserve. 

9. Gas House

Gas House

Having started as a small underground grow in The A, Gas House is now holding court out in The Town and have some of the most potent product out in Cali. Can’t dub yourself Gas House and not have that fire.

10. Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush

The strain that led to a Kanye West meltdown a few years back, Khalifa Kush was made exclusively for Wiz Khalifa and wasn’t available for public consumption for a minute. It is now and is known to make hot heads chill out.