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The late Craig Sager became something of a household name among NBA fans who fondly remember his zany outfits while reporting from the sidelines. Sager’s son, Craig Sager Jr., seemingly had a Twitter meltdown Wednesday night and shared that his father voted for Donald Trump among other missives launched.

Sager Jr. posted a series of tweets yesterday that reveals a side of the famed NBA sideline reporter few knew about outside their family.  For those who follow Sager, they might already know that he’s been critical of the so-called “Radical Left” as evidenced by this Tuesday tweet but he took things further last night.

In a tweet that we won’t post in full in the body of the text but can be viewed here, Sager wrote, “Jacob Blake’s family is on that Nick Cannon sh*t” in the quote section of the tweet which featured a panel of images presumably from Blake’s social media pages showing the Wisconsin shooting victim expressing what some have viewed as antisemitic views.

As the night went on, Sager then wrote, “The NBA is whack and it has nothing to do with my dad being dead & everything to do with black lives matter.”

Sager’s sister, Kacy Sager, caught wind of her brother’s tweet and wrote, “You haven’t watched the NBA in years, Craig. Why pop back in now just to spew this nonsense? What does this even mean? And why drag Dad into it?”


Sager doubled down, tweeting, “I’m not afraid of twitter. Go ahead. Cancel me,” and later adding in another tweet, “I exposed thousands of morons with one tweet. Wake up!!!”

Apparently, something was mentioned about Sager Sr.’s voting for Trump, which Kacy Sager clarified by writing, “He wasn’t MAGA. He was a mama’s boy, and his mother was a staunch republican. He left the hospital to vote. He didn’t leave the hospital because he felt that strongly about voting for Trump. Not defending it, just providing context.”

On Twitter, Craig Sager Jr. is trending and the slander is vicious as can be expected, including some users reminding Sager Jr. that he was left out of his dad’s will, reportedly. We’ve got those reactions below.

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Son Of Famed NBA Reporter Craig Sager Goes Full MAGA, Says Dad Voted For Trump  was originally published on hiphopwired.com