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Raymond H. Starkes III

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Raymond H. Starkes III

Raymond Starkes, the host of “THE WEALTH ZONE”, has been a part of the RadioOne family for 25 years providing Stewardship in Wealth Building to individuals and business. Raymond Starkes, as an entrepreneur, is a Founder and Managing Partner of national companies in Finance, Real Estate, Mortgages, Real Estate Settlements, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Business Personal Development, and Franchising. The main focus is wealth and legacy building and passing that legacy down through generations. Another focus is to discuss BLACK HISTORY for each week to show what our people have accomplished, and the important contributions made to this country. We have guests on the show weekly, from politics, finance, banking, planning, taxes, and opportunity identification discuss the impact of these issues on your personal and business goals. An African American business is showcased every week, so our listeners can use their products and services and keep our dollars and jobs in our communities. Come join us for Lunch/Brunch not just to listen also join the discussion 1.800.450.7876 and get Food for the Brain to start and maintain you Wealth and Legacy Building JOURNEY. NO ADVICE COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS

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