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Even before Democrats won the presidential election nearly three years ago, the Republican Party conceded that it needed to be more inclusive of people of…


Election Day 2012 is finally here! President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have campaigned  nationwide vying for the American vote and today people…

ATLANTA (AP) — Herman Cain is learning the hard way what it means to face the glare of the national spotlight. After captivating Republicans hungry for an alternative to 2012 GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Cain has made a series of stumbles that have left some questioning whether he’s ready for the White House. “It’s […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s campaign raised more than $70 million combined for his re-election and the Democratic Party during the summer, an amount that gives him a clear financial advantage over his Republican rivals even as faces economic and political headwinds. The fundraising total announced Thursday exceeds a goal set by the campaign of […]

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann lost her campaign chief Monday, along with his close deputy, in a campaign shake-up that the Minnesota congresswoman’s aides sought to downplay. Citing health reasons, veteran GOP strategist Ed Rollins stepped down as campaign manager. Bachmann said one of her strategists would take over on an […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s laywer received a letter asking for documents to prove whether or not the president committed “an array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior,” according to Salon. House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Ca.), who has the power to issue subpoenas, accused Mr. Obama of mixing official and political activities. The probe […]

With the Republican presidential race making way, Sarah Palin told Newsweek that she has no doubt in her ability to win the Republican nomination, and succinctly the oval office. The former Governor of Alaska and current celebrity said the only thing that will prevent her from running is her family. “If it came down to […]

Former Ku Kulx Klan Grand Wizard David Duke is planning a tour of the United States to see if he can get enough support for a presidential run in 2012. The Daily Beast reports: A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in […]