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Historically, the Black church has always been a source of inspiration, hope, and a lifeline for people in the community.  Now a new study by…

Who says Black women don’t workout? Two sistas, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, founded “Black Girls Run!” in 2009 in an effort to fight growing…

Although predominately White Nebraska has experienced a growth in racial diversity, the change in numbers also highlights how women of color in the state are…

By Donovan X. Ramsey Beginning in March, a black woman will be at the helm of a major fire department for the first time in U.S. history. SEE ALSO: Obama: I Deserve Re-Election Top 5 Winter Travel Destinations Theresa Deloach-Reed, 52, was named chief of the Oakland city fire department. Reed has been fighting fires […]

A recent study co-written by a Duke University associate professor along with input from Northwestern University researchers suggests that dominant Black women in high-ranking positions or roles of leadership do not receive the same backlash as their Black male and White female counterparts, according to the Herald-Sun. SEE ALSO: Young Futurists Of 2012 The study, […]

Black women and weight loss is something of a literary two-headed monster, but with Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey promoting weight loss products between football games and prime-time television sitcoms, the subject is not only becoming less contentious, but it is also reviving black actresses’ careers, The Daily Beast reports. SEE ALSO: Is […]

Men tend to get all of the credit for everything, especially the Civil Rights Movement. While Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Malcolm X are known as the faces of the movement, black history is brimming with women whose contributions are equally noteworthy. Here’s our list of black women who helped to advance the race […]

As much as we would prefer not to discuss it, skin tone complications of the past still afflict the psyche of present-day America, according to an article by TheGrio. And, to be sure, the studies the article cites don’t isolate the issue to the black community alone. Rather, the studies report that the issue is […]

Black women are less likely to develop PMDD, the most severe form of PMS, and have less premenstrual symptoms overall, according to a new study. SEE ALSO: It Wasn’t My Fault: Obama’s Re-election Strategy

Last week, I asked the all-important question, “When Does Supporting Black Men Become Tiring?” Judging by the slew of comments, it’s clear to see how the mere mention of this subject can set off a firestorm. But to both my female and male readers, I hear you and it’s not a one-sided convo. Yes, women […]