Dr. Karenga will review the Presidential Third-Party candidates and their ability to impact the election. Political Blogger Brandon will discuss the Tik Tok issue in the Gaza/Israeli conflict and what it means for the Presidential Race.

The Minister of Wellness, Nathaniel Jordon will focus on the major illness plaguing the Black Community. The Minister will also discuss Breast Cancer, this is Breast cancer Awareness month & the disease attacks Black Women Three times more than whites, he’ll explain the disparity. Before we get to the Minister, Alabama Attorney, Sister Faya Rose […]

Clinical Psychologist, Author & Life Coach, Dr. Jeff Menzise checks in to give us his view of today’s meeting between Trump & Kanye West. Dr. Menzise there is more than meets the eye in this conference between the two polarizing figures. Before we get to Dr. Menzise, the Rev. Calvin Butts from Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist […]

Baba Lumumba, from Umoja House in WDC checks in to discuss what the planet would look like if we used an African frame of reference instead of a white paradigm to examine global issues. Before we get to Baba Lumumba, Activist Attorney, Enola Aird introduces us to the Truth Campaign & Tour which begins on Friday. […]

Political Blogger, Brandon does a post-mortem on the Kavanaugh hearings. Brandon will examine if the result will affect the outcome of next months elections, will upset female voters take out their frustrations on the GOP, will the vote be a referendum on Trump, the Senate, white males or all of the above. Before we get […]

  Dr. Frances Cress Welsings’ mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. returns with another installment of his theory of Racism/White Supremacy. he says if you don’t understand how that system works and all that it entails, then everything else you think you understand will only serve to confuse you. On his desk the Cosby/Kavanaugh connection. Before we […]

Public Enemy’s Minister of Information, Professor Griff discusses, Bill Cosby & other celebrities and the Justice System & the Law. Griff will also talk about his new book “A Warrior’s Tapestry”. The book is described as a guide to rituals and practices to incorporate into your daily life. It will assist you with cultivating a life […]

  Black Political Expert, Dr. James Taylor discusses Melania Trumps’ current tour of Africa. Dr.Taylor will explain if it is a fence-mending mission’ for the administration or a trip to burnish her humanitarian credentials. Dr. Taylor will also talk about if there is a Cosby- Kavanaugh nexus. Before we get to Dr. Taylor. Author & […]

  Activist, Human Rights and Criminal Defense attorney, Nana Gyamfi gives us her take on the Cosby sentencing, the Kavanaugh hearings, the Dallas shooting & more. Before we get to Attorney Nana Gyamfi, Dr. Sebi’s son, Abdul updates us the investigation into his fathers’ death & information on a plan to hijack the company his […]

The Man with the Plan’, Dr. Claud Anderson explains what’s at stake in the fight to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Anderson will discuss why its critically important to watch how the system is used. Before we get to Dr. Anderson, Civil Rights Icon, James Meredith on the problems on the Ole Miss Campus, […]