Carl Nelson

Activist Sinclair Skinner on his I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE program. The The aim is to teach about wealth creation in our community, to show our people how to decolonize their life and why they should buy black and bank black. Sinclair is starting on College Campuses. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & […]

Join us as we celebrate the life of Dick Gregory you will hear from many of his friends and acquaintances. We also want to hear from you because we know Dick Gregory touched a lot of people. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 pm CT., […]

Celebrate Marcus Garvey‘s birthday with two of our noted scholars, Dr. Molefi Kete Asante & Dr. Maulana Karenga. Both men will discuss Charlottesville & more. Before we get to our scholars, Empowerment Specialist, Eraka Rouzorondu on solutions for those concerned about what they saw at Charlottesville. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & […]

Metaphysician, Astrologist & Numerologist, Minister, Gabree Amlak on the upcoming solar eclipse, he’ll also interpret what the signs say about the nations energy pattern, Donald Trump’s chart, & a mini profile of your astrological energy pattern. Before we get to Minister Gabree Amlak, Brother Sadaki on the effort to organize & mobilize an Afrikan National […]

Author, international speaker, activist, mini-movie and documentary filmmaker, Jeremiah Camara examines the social & psychological impact of blind belief and side effects of religious intoxication. Jeremiah will also tell us why the most faith-filled, high-praising, god fearing, Jesus-loving people on earth are on the bottom of every aspect of society. Before we get to Jeremiah, […]

Mystery Man, Mark from Anaheim on the Trump Administration, Putin, Civil Rights, The ACA & more. Before we get to Mark, Officials from the Hood Smart Program on their Urban STEMulus Project.

Geopolitical analyst, Craig Hulet on The Whitehouse leaks, Scaramucci, Syria, the ACA, Putin & more. Before we get to Craig, Dr. Lagoke on The recent Kwame Nkrumah Conference in Ghana. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT.,¬†¬†Call in # 800-450-7876 to […]

#Powertalker & Black Studies professor, Dr. Leonard Jeffries with another Scholarly and Academic discussion on some of our elders like Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Amos Wilson, Van Setima, & more. Before we get to Dr. J. Activist, Kemba Smith on the upcoming week of nonviolence. The Big Show starts on WOL […]

Syndicated Radio Show host, Bob Law on why we need a new paradigm for education for our youngsters. He says we have to establish our own independent Black Schools. Before we get to Bob law, Hollywood Executive, Tim Hutchinson on the latest move to repeal the ACA, Trump’s effort to oust Sessions, Trumps miss-steps & […]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsings‘ mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. takes another look at Racism/White Supremacy this time in the context of the Black Cop’s alleged fatal shooting of an unarmed white person.Before we get to Neely Fuller Jr., activist Kemba Smith on the 2017 week of nonviolence. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & […]