Carl Nelson

  Historian, Dr. Walter Williams on The Historical Origin of Christianity/Islam. Dr. Williams contends both are man-made being used to control peoples minds. Dr.Williams contends the Bible & the Koran are fabricated books. Before we get to Dr. Williams, Bestselling Author, Walter Mosley previews his new book, John Woman. The Big Show starts on WOL […]

Certified Doctor of Metaphysics, Master Herbalist- Natural Remedy Formulator & Wellness Expert, Doctah B Sirius discusses the effects of the recent hurricane on our health, he says you don’t have to live in the affected areas to have problems from the storm. Doctah B Sirius will also talk about the Fall Equinox, Lectins, Parasites, Telomeres […]

Publisher, Author, and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Jeff Menzise will discuss, Secret Societies, the role of Rites of Passage and why the need for this level of training is needed more than ever these days. Before we get to Dr. Menzise, financial Expert, JB Bryan from AfroEconomics, on why this so-called ‘robust economy’ hasn’t trickled […]

  Political Scientist, Historian, Educator, Master-Teacher and Pan-Africanist Dr. Leonard Jeffries on the Chinese influence in Africa. Dr. J will examine whether the African Nations are trading one Colonizer for another in doing business with China. Before we get to Dr.J, Investigative Journalist, Greg Palast on the plan to steal Stacey Abrams’ votes in Georgia […]

  Award-Winning Actor, Robert Hooks, the founder of the DC Black Repertory Company looks back on his storied career. The group was founded 47 years ago & was recently singled out by Mayor Bowser for the groups’ contribution to the Arts. Before we speak with Robert, former NAACP head Ben Jealous will tell us why […]

  Activist Preacher, Willie Wilson discusses his long relationship with Minister Farrakhan, his new book, The Birth of the Bible. Dr. Wilson will also talk about this Sunday’s event ‘Reviving the Spirit of the Million Man March’. Unifying the different segments in the Black Community. Before we get to Rev. Wilson, we’ll talk politics with […]

The Black Unifier, Brother Kush, from Positive Kemetic Visions in WDC examines the latest police-involved shooting in Dallas. Kush will look at the evidence so far, a police officer is facing manslaughter charges for killing Botham Jean. The young man was shot to death in his own apartment after the officer claimed she thought it […]

World Traveler, Historian, Essayist, Author, and Public Lecturer, Dr. Runoko Rashidi checks in to inform us of his latest travels. Dr. Runoko Rashidi will also discuss the items destroyed in the Brazillian Museum fire & his upcoming tours. Before we get to Dr. Rashidi, activist & author, Rych McCain on his book, Black Afrikan Hair […]

‘The Man with the Plan’ Dr. Claud Anderson outlines his plan for economic freedom for Black America. According to Dr. Anderson, 98% of Blacks work for somebody else’s business in somebody else’s neighborhood. His Powernomics plan is designed to change that construct. Before we get to Dr. Anderson, activist Sinclair Skinner on this weekend’s Black […]

Black Politics Expert, Dr. James Taylor examines the recent Democratic victories by candidates left of the man stream. He’ll look at the victories in Boston, NY & Florida all won by progressive candidates with ties to the Bernie Sanders platform. Dr. James Taylor will also look at the different dynamics in the Governors’ races in […]