Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich took a shot at President Obama calling America’s economic woes, the “Obama Depression,” on Fox and Friends Sunday morning. Gingrich’s comments come as the president is negotiating a new federal budget with Republicans, and just days after the latest job reports show few signs of economic recovery. “Housing prices have […]

President Barack Obama was hailed as the best communicator since President Ronald Reagan when he came into office in 2009, but at this current pace, his White House, and by extension the Democrats, appear more like King George VI in “The King’s Speech.” The stuttering and stammering when it comes to discussing this economy is […]

A new poll shows that 44 percent of Americans believe the economy is worse off under President Obama than when George Bush was in office. The poll, conducted by Bloomberg, shows that the continuing lack of jobs available for the American public is causing alarming concern of the president’s economic direction. In an ABC News/Washington […]

VIA ARA LIFESTYLE: The financial crisis has brought about new kinds of challenges for many Americans. High gas prices, foreclosures and low wages are some well-known symptoms. One of the biggest obstacles, however, has been the feeling of uncertainty we encounter on a daily basis, whether it be our job stability, our family budgets, or […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: President Obama lamented December job losses Friday while saying the overall employment trend “is still pointing in the right direction,” and he announced new tax credits aimed at spurring the growth of clean-energy jobs and promoting U.S. leadership in developing green technologies. A government report that showed the nation shed 85,000 […]

VIA REUTERS NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Money, or the lack of it, changes everything, and that includes how people will be working out in 2010. In these belt-tightening times, cost-conscious workouts at home and at the gym topped the list of fitness trends for this year in a survey, followed by shorter, more time-efficient […]