Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. updates us on the latest controversial police involved shooting in Chicago. Before we get to Chairman Fred, Black Lives Matters’ DeRay Mckesson on Baltimore one year after the riots. The Big Show starts on 1450 WOL at 4pm ET., 3pm CT., 1pm PT., woldcnews com Call in # 800 450 7876 […]

In honor of Black History Month, watch the first installment of "Bridging The Gap," a series that honors the Black liberation movements of the past and present while building a bridge that will better help us understand how to propel what has become the largest Black liberation movement in recent years forward.

The Carl Nelson Show

Mystery Man “Mark from Anaheim” returns with updates on Putin, Syria, The Presidential Race, TPP & More. Before we get to Mark, Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. on the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter, the ongoing shootings in Chicago & more. The Big Show sounds off on 1450 […]


  Attorney A. Dwight Pettit will join us to discuss the legal problems facing Bill Cosby, the FSU quarterback, The city of Baltimore & more. Before Attorney Pettit takes the stand, Political Activist Fred Hampton Jr. will break down this weekends shootings in Chicago & the church attack in Charleston. The Big Show rips off […]

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In a country that prides itself on being the apex of liberty and freedom of expression, the notion of domestic terrorism never crosses the mind…

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. will give us an update on Mumia-Abu-Jamal. The jailed former journalist has been hospitalized for an undisclosed condition. Chairman Hampton will also discuss the Chicago police detention houses & the gang violence in the Windy City. The Big Show starts on 1450 WOL Washington D.C at 6am EST., 5am CST., 3am […]


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has asked President Barack Obama to demand the return of Assata Shakur (pictured), who was convicted of killing a New…


Extrajudicial killings of Black American men by police officers is not a new phenomenon in this country, but in the wake of several such incidents…

The MLK Day Brotherhood Awards are NewsOne’s annual celebration of five important Americans who are continuing the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. — especially in the realm of interpersonal, cross-racial, and cross-ethnic understanding. Our honorees are the bridge builders and the nation healers. CHECK FOR MORE HONOREES AS THEY ARE REVEALED BEFORE MLK DAY HERE. […]

Today, political assassinations are rare inside the U.S. During the civil rights movement, anybody who stood up for the rights of African Americans was a possible assassination target. RELATED: The Top 5 Unsolved Hip-Hop Murders Often times the assassinations were carried out by white supremacists, who were not convicted for their crimes due to racism […]