This morning we are discussing the labor market. Why is the labor market making news right now? Right now, the labor market is making news because it is on a tear, Last week, we learned the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits is closing in on a 44-year low, signaling that the job […]

Wendell Pierce's private venture to build an apartment complex will hire residents to serve on the construction team and promote local artists.


Not appearing professional and polished can limit opportunities to advance in your career. I

Each year the ManPower Group releases its results of a survey geared to determine the hardest jobs to fill. According to the survey the following…

Federal agencies will begin telling employees on Friday if they will be required to work or be furloughed during a partial government shutdown, according to…

The Washington area unemployment rate rose in July to 5.6 percent from 5.5 percent, the Labor Department reported Wednesday, as larger job losses in the federal government…

VIA MSNBC: GRANDVIEW, Mo. – Don Carroll, a former financial analyst with a master’s degree in business administration from a top university, was clearly overqualified for the job running the claims department for Cartwright International, a small, family-owned moving company here south of Kansas City. But he had been out of work for six months, […]

(Baltimore, MD) — There are jobs available for U.S. Census Bureau enumerators to go door to door. Seema Iyer is directing the Baltimore City Complete Count Campaign. The door to door counting will start late April through the middle of July. For job information go to or contact the Census Bureau. Hiring will go […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: For Susan Williams, the road to working as a serial temp for the U.S. Census Bureau ran through law school and a recession that has stalled many a professional career. After just two years as an associate at a small firm in the District, Williams was laid off in November 2008. […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: President Obama lamented December job losses Friday while saying the overall employment trend “is still pointing in the right direction,” and he announced new tax credits aimed at spurring the growth of clean-energy jobs and promoting U.S. leadership in developing green technologies. A government report that showed the nation shed 85,000 […]