President Barack Obama

VIA NPR: CNN has been positioning itself as the cable news channel that sticks to the facts, which it says distinguishes it from rivals MSNBC on the ideological left and and Fox News on the right. But CNN host Lou Dobbs has put his employer on the defensive in recent days by repeatedly focusing on […]

President Obama will have a beer with two men at the heart of a national controversy on racism tonight.  On July 16th, Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sergeant James Crowley responded to a call about a possible break-in at the home of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Junior.  Gates got angry, accusing Crowley of racism. Copyright […]

(Washington, DC) — President Obama makes his pitch for health care reform today to the AARP. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says the elderly want to know how complex health care reform proposals might affect them, especially on Medicare. Speaking generally, Gibbs said Obama is encouraged with the progress of health care reform. Copyright © […]

(Washington, DC) — President Obama and First Lady Michelle are scheduled to travel to different parts of Virginia this week. On Wednesday, the president is set to travel to Bristol, in the southwestern part of the state. He’ll meet with residents there and push his plans for health insurance reform. Tomorrow, Michelle Obama is scheduled […]

Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. vs the Cambridge, MA police. We are talking about a world renowned author who has had a problem with authorities similar to the problems that other Blacks in America have had. In this case, there is world focus on the story. This case recalls the tightrope Blacks walk with police […]

VIA BLACK AMERICA WEB: NATICK, Mass. (AP) — A white police sergeant accused of racism after he arrested renowned black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his home insisted Wednesday he won’t apologize for his treatment of the Harvard professor, but President Barack Obama said police had “acted stupidly.” Gates has demanded an apology from […]

(Washington, DC) — President Obama continued making his case for an aggressive and historic overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system yesterday. In a primetime news conference at the White House, the President linked the effort to economic recovery. He said healthcare reform is essential if the government wants to bring the U.S. economy back from […]

(Washington, DC) — Washington, DC Republican Committee Chairman Bob Kabel says he is opposed to renaming the newly renovated 14th and Girard Street Park in Northwest Washington, Barack Hussein Obama Park. Kabel says to affix President Obama’s name to the Columbia Heights park would violate the city’s code that states “no public space in the […]

In a new poll from the Washington Post in conjunction with ABC News, President Barack Obama‘s approval ratings have gone down to their lowest levels since he took office.

President Barack Obama is urging Congress to overhaul the healthcare system before they break for the summer.