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The Tea Party isn’t known to reach across the aisle when it comes to politics, but opposition in Washington isn’t entirely against their ideas.  This morning on “NewsOne Now,”  Rep. Bobby Scott says the Tea Party is right about budget control, but wrong in how they want to make changes. Cutting social security and Medicare are not viable solutions for the nation’s citizens.

“If the people were given a choice, would people like a $3.9 trillion tax cut and we’re going to have to cut social security, $100 billion and Medicare $100 billion,” said Scott, “or would you rather have a $3.7 trillion tax cut and leave social security and medicare alone? We went to $3.9 [trillion] without really giving people a choice. We haven’t made those choices. We’re talking about cutting food stamps, Head Start, delaying aircraft carriers on the military, the safety net unemployment compensation, but never having come to grips with the choices that are being made.”

Take a look at the entire exchange below.

Do you agree with Rep. Scott?

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