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Guest host Jeff Johnson and “NewsOne Now” look at how millennials in the #BlackLivesMatter, #ICantBreathe and #HandsUpDontShoot movements are using social media to let their voices be heard around the nation. Can the call for change eventually effect policy change?

Dante Barry, Director of, Danielle Belton, Paris Dennard and Chanelle Hardy joined Johnson on “NewsOne Now” to discuss.

Barry told Johnson how people in Ferguson started using social media to their advantage saying people were “using social media in order to tell what’s happening in Ferguson, on the ground in a real-time situation.”

When Johnson asked how do we connect the organic grassroots protesters who were organizing and essentially reporting from Ferguson with the “hardcore movement pieces without telling people and directing people in ways they don’t want to go.”

Barry explained that this is where you see “local-to-local connections” being formed between grassroots organizations on the ground.

“It’s really important when we have an organized front because that builds power, but also you are able to bring more people into the arena who have very similar agendas and very similar ideas on the line.”

Listen to guest host Jeff Johnson, Dante Barry and the “NewsOne Now” panel discuss millennials’ use of social activism in conjunction with conventional protesting to bring awareness to their causes and force policy changes below.

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