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“When I was a member of the C.I.A., I knew who my enemies were,” Rep. Will Hurd said jokingly to Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now.”

“If I can navigate the back allies of Pakistan, I can figure out how to get under the tunnels of the Capitol.”

Former member of the C.I.A and newly elected Congressman from Texas, Hurd sat down with Roland Martin Thursday on “NewsOne Now” to discuss his historic congressional win, Republican outreach to minorities and Steve Scalise’s meeting with civil rights leaders.

Rep. Hurd, one of three African American Republicans elected to serve in Congress addressed his decision to not join the Congressional Black Caucus during his interview with Martin, host of “NewsOne Now.”

“Everybody that I have met in the Congressional Black Caucus has been incredibly warm and open to me and I am looking forward to working with them on individual projects however we can,” said Hurd.


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The freshman Congressman considers cyber security an area where Republicans and Democrats can cross party lines to work together to get things done.

When discussing minority outreach Hurd said, “Our principles in the Republican party are timeless, but we got to articulate them  in a way that resonates with the various communities that we need to grow in.” He credits his congressional win in a predominantly Hispanic community by talking with people.

Hurd said, “People care about a couple of things, they want food on the table, they want a roof over their head and they want the people around them to be healthy and happy. And we need to be talking about how our policies impact those three things.”

Rep. Hurd also addressed the controversy over Rep. Steve Scalise’s meeting with a White supremacist group. Hurd told Martin he believes Rep. Scalise going to the meeting with the “reprehensible group” was a mistake and “he needs to go and show people that he made this mistake and he knows better.”

Watch Martin and freshman Congressman Will Hurd discuss his historic win, GOP minority outreach, Loretta Lynch’s Attorney General confirmation hearings and Rep. Steve Scalise in the video clip above.

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