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Is Donald Trump in need of an intervention?

I’m talking a political intervention.

According to sources within the campaign, yes, and they are planning one right now.

Sources close to the campaign also described to CNN yesterday; that there have been a series of blunders by Trump lately, chief among them, his fight with the Khan family, a Gold Star Family who lost their son in 2004 in Iraq.

Some said they felt like Trump was ignoring their advice to stay on message and they felt as if they were wasting their time.

The official spokespeople for the campaign quickly denied the reports and said they were one big happy family and that in the coming days Trump would stick with the plan to focus on Hillary Clinton only.

But before they could even hit send on the emailed press release, this happened:

“If Hillary Clinton puts her people on the Supreme Court… blood coming out of her nose…. People with disabilities.”

That clip was from Fox News a place Trump finds friendly now.

The Megyn Kelly lead panel which included a Trump supporter couldn’t even come to a consensus about why he chose to once again re-litigate stories no one was talking about or cared about but him.

It appears as the old saying goes, he can’t help himself.

And by not being able to help himself, he’s paying for it in the place that seems to count so much for him, the polls.

The latest CNN poll shows him losing to Hillary Clinton by 9 points.

An even newer Fox News poll shows him losing to her by 10 points.

That same poll shows 69% of voters felt Trump’s response to the Kahn family was out of bounds.

Instead of a temporary ban on Muslims, Mr. Trump may want to consider a permanent one, at least on attacking them.

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