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A federal Judge in Texas has ruled the state violated an agreement it made in July to soften its voter ID law, one of the strictest in the country and as a result, will have to reprint their voter education materials.

In July, a court ruled that the Texas voter ID law discriminated against Blacks and Hispanics who were less likely than Whites to have government-issued photo ID’s. Texas officials agreed to ease the photo ID restrictions allowing other forms of identification to be used, but the phrasing in their voting guidelines did not make that clear.

According to the agreement made in July voters would be allowed to cast their ballots with a signed

affidavit and a paycheck, bank statement, utility bill or other government document that included their name.

Texas State Senator Royce West told NewsOne Now the use of misleading voter education documentation “is just another indication of what’s going on in America.” 

“When we look at police shootings, when we look at issues concerning poverty and when we look at the voting rights issue we see that African Americans continue to be suppressed and the question becomes when are we going to react to this suppression type issues?”

During his remarks, State Sen. West commended the circuit court judge who upheld the July ruling making sure that the mandate of the Fith Circuit remain intact and that “all people get an opportunity to vote in this upcoming election” as well as ensuring that the voter education materials would  not be “deceptive.” 

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now asked Sen. West what rational are Republican legislators giving to support their claims of rampant voter fraud when there is no statistical data to support their allegations.

West explained Greg Abbott, the Attorney General who argued the case and fought for the institution of the voter ID legislation is now governor of the state and said, “From that vantage point we’re not going to have a leader in this state that’s going to side with us on this issue.”

State Sen. West later said, “There has not been a falsification of identification in order to vote in the State of Texas” and there have been very few instances in the entire country.

“The reality is Republicans will continue to argue that there have been and if they have the number in the legislature they’re able to vote their bills through,” said West.

While concluding his remarks on Republican efforts to suppress the vote in Texas West said African Americans have to “get out and vote and turn them out and put people in who are sensitive to our issues.”

Watch Roland Martin, Texas State Senator Royce West and the NewsOne Now panel discuss Republican efforts in Texas to suppress the vote in the video clip above.


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