Here’s how criticism should positively impact your career.

I did not always embrace my status as an entrepreneur. I mean, WHO desires to jump feet first, sight unseen, into a pool of inconsistent pay, trifling clients, and loved ones who just do not understand why you are working for yourself ? To be 100 percent honest, I am still struggling with accepting my […]

VIA AOL JOBS: By Joe Turner “I was fully qualified and it makes no sense.” “They simply don’t know how to hire.” “They told me that I was overqualified.” Randy Block, a seasoned career transition coach and consultant in the Bay area, hears these comments often. If you’re an “older” job hunter, more than likely, […]

VIA MSN CAREERS: By Rachel Zupek Let’s be honest: Sometimes you don’t care about the job — you just care about the salary. But it’s awfully hard to look for a job that fits both your salary requirements and your skill set. Not to mention that we always tell you that your work and career […]

VIA YAHOO! HOTJOBS: By Larry Buhl The latest directory of job titles from Occupational Information Network (O*Net) features a variety of new entries that many people have never heard before. Some of these jobs — at least the duties — have been around in some form for a while. What’s new is a “professional pathway” […]