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Remaking (or in this case rebooting) a popular film can be a very tricky thing to pull off, as fans are bound to be extremely protective of the original and hesitant of the outcome of something new. However every once and awhile redoing a classic pays off in a great way, which is exactly what […]

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The Criminal Minds star set the record straight during a recent interview.

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One of the cheapest plans that falls under Obamacare increased by 25 percent.

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good headed way down south to celebrate their 4-year-anniversary.

  Bishop TD Jakes‘ latest film, Miracles From Heaven is the true story of a young girl who was healed from an incurable disease in a…

  Actress Meagan Good and movie executive and ordained minister Devon Franklin have made headlines over the past four years about their celibate relationship and now…

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Devon Franklin wear a lot of hats. He’s a pastor and husband to actress Meagan Good but he’s, notably, also an executive with Columbia Tristar…