Gun violence in Chicago isn’t letting up. More than 40 people were shot this past weekend, leaving many looking in search of a way to…

Sean Kelly (pictured), a married Father of nine, had been on his job for 16 years when he was met by a gunman after he…

A Chicago high school football coach is in police custody, charged with misdemeanor simple assault for watching more than a dozen of his players attack a disabled teen. Fenger High School coach Cassius Chambers, 28, turned himself into police yesterday for an incident on Oct. 1 when more than 20 of his football players jumped Darion Jones, […]

WASHINGTON (AP) – The number of violent crimes fell by a surprisingly large 12 percent in the United States last year, a far bigger drop than the nation has been averaging since 2001, the Justice Department said. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported there were 3.8 million violent crimes last year, down from 4.3 million […]

ST. ELMO, ALA.– A former candidate for one of Alabama’s U.S. Senate seats is being sought by authorities in Alabama after he allegedly tased a pastor during a church knife fight. While the exact details are not clear, various accounts are surfacing. In one account, Simone De Moore tased a pastor at New Welcome Baptist Church in St. […]

Are we raising killer kids? Violent teen attacks on the DC Metro transit , fatal and savage stabbings among teenagers and young adults (namely the Henri Pratt incident) on our streets and in homes, increased gang activity, bullying, increased suicide due to cyberbullying and sexuality conflict, kids killing their parents, teenagers murdering their classmates out […]

When I was growing up, there were always stories of random acts of violence here and there, or a tragic shooting that would periodically capture the headlines. But what was once a rarity has sadly transformed into some sort of normalized disturbing behavior. Just within the last week, a Florida teen was accused of bludgeoning […]

KANSAS CITY–An alarming murder reputation plaques the 64130 zip code area of Kansas City, earning the moniker “The Murder Factory.” While its 26,000 residents make up about 6 percent of the city’s population, it accounts for 20 percent of Kansas City citizens in prison for murder or voluntary manslaughter. Your Black World Reports: Victims ranged […]